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Datingjackson com

Hilarity ensues when Jackson uses this opportunity to abuse all the benefits of being a "celebrity boyfriend." Well basically it starts off with Miley and Jackson coming back from a concert in the limo and Miley tells the driver not to swap limo's as there isn't any one following!

when they get home Jackson asks to use mileys keys to get into the house but locks her out and a papparazzi guy comes (paulie) and gets snaps of her!

:-) leave bambam :-)- trying to watch movies with him but he keeps asking questions the entire time until you shut him up by shoving popcorn in his mouth (or your tongue, depends on ya mood)- surprising him during Christmas time with tickets back home so you can both see his parents, and it’s cute and all until you have to deal with him crying on your shoulder for like 2 hours but even then he’s still cute- Jackson probably repeatedly shushing you while you’re making out in his room but then when sex comes he’s probably the type to want to hear u scream and ur like Jackson make up ur mind - scaring him by blowing into his ear from behind him when he’s not paying attention and he almost like throws himself on the floor because he’s so dramatic - “I hurt myself, now you gotta kiss the boo boo” “where did you hurt yourself?

” “My lips” “….anyways,”- tucking him into bed and takin off his shirt and putting him into pajamas when he comes home and passes out after an incredibly long day - feeling Jackson pepper little kisses along your cheeks and neck before he leaves in the mornings, spending too much time so they have to send Jaebum in to come grab him but even jaebums like …

Heather appears in one episode, "Lilly's Mom Has Got It Goin' On," where she briefly dates Miley's father, Robby.

Lilly's parents are divorced, and her father, Ken Truscott is an accountant. In "Miley Get Your Gum," Lilly refers to her brother's pet hamster. ," Lilly says "Sometimes I wish I had a brother; when I come over here, all better!

Jackon Wang- This boy- Never a dull moment- Sassing each other- If you can’t reach something on a high shelf, Jackson will be like “I’ll handle it, babe”- Then he goes to get Yugyeom to get whatever it is you need- Calling you babe all the time tbh- “Hey, babe”- It’s just casual- S k i n s h i p - Back hugs- Probably holding your waist or thighs a lot- He’s not even trying to be sexual half the time, his hand just feels right there- Inseure Jackson tbh- He’ll lift up his shirt to show you his abs- He knows you love it but he’s still insecure- “Do I look good?

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