Geek dating flowchart dating with american guy

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Geek dating flowchart

Remember Tribe member Stacy Rebek's nerd-gasmic Periodic Table of the Element themed Save the Dates? : Nerdy wedding invitations I profiled nerdy Save the Dates about a year ago -- now it's time for some geektastical wedding invitations in your face. Read more I found these binary code Save the Dates from Etsy seller Grey Dog Designs Tribe member Chucklehouse's friend helped create these Star Wars STDs, featuring her and her fiance as Han and Leia, with their bridesmaids and groomspeople appearing as the cast of supporting characters.

What nerd doesn't appreciate a good flowchart? This was just one of the four different STDs that Tribe member Jordan Bell and her husband created.

Note: This happens naturally with your friends, because otherwise you wouldn’t be friends with them. All you’re doing is asking her questions about herself. Meanwhile, she wants to know about you, to see if you’re interesting enough to talk to.

I was totally hipped to these vintage comic book style STDs via Neatorama.

They're made by Etsy shop Team Welser and they're pretty incredible.

BEFORE YOU COMMIT TO DATING 1) Accept that you will be the pursuer.

If you are not used to this because you are shy, adjust yourself to the fact that you must change your ways or continue to play Quake II on Saturday nights.

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