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But there are countless You Tube monetization success stories as well.You Tube may be the perfect side-hustle project, once you’ve created your blog.

(By the way, you may also be interested in our guides to making money on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google , i Phone/Android, and with display ad networks) ↑ Back to Top Of course, You Tube isn’t the only source out there for monetizing your quality video content.

No one can deny your lifestyle certainly changes when you have children, but it was interesting to see the costs broken down like that.

Looking at the costs, they are actually pretty conservative.

Still, there are a lot of talented people of color who don’t quite break through — disproportionately, it seems, these vloggers are women.

Years ago, Token Black Chic appeared poised to enter the site’s highest tier, but she has largely stopped posting.

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Over a year ago I conducted a little more than a dozen interviews with black vloggers on You Tube.