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They include a couple of updated variables (hopefully eliminating any headaches with the original ‘fields Filled’ infinite increment issue) and a reg Ex that validates the the email field, once (or if) the core validation fails.For the rest of you…read the original post [below] to gain a little background/perspective and see if this suits your current issue.Validating your font to eliminate these errors will thus not only ensure that it can be installed and enjoyed by users, but will ensure that finished project exhibits polish.

This includes both my own solutions and those suggested by experts on the web: Now that we’ve covered some of my futile attempts, let me tell you what I know worked; putting a good, old-fashioned ‘ onsubmit=”return false” ‘ on the form itself. You then need to remove this, once the validation is satisfied and only if all the required fields are filled.

But first, we’ll explain what the problem is that self-describing JSONs solves.

In the rest of the post, we will cover: This is a good start: our implicit knowledge about this JSON Schema is now captured against the JSON Schema itself.

Feel free to challenge me and post fixes/improvements (We’re all fighting the same [grunt, groan, teeth-gnash] IE-quirks-battle after all ;) I will also be in the process of trying to find inconsistencies and will update accordingly if I find them. I’ve already ruined my own life, productivity and sanity in order to bring you this very specific and (I think) simple solution.

[original post below] Hey there fellow Magento-ers, Have you been spending countless hours scouring the internet for a solution to this odd problem, in Magento, where you use the built-in Prototype validation to validate your form and it does not? I wrote (with the help of my pal Tom Rosario) a little unobtrusive Class-based function to handle it!

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Validation:: Class is a scalable data validation library with interfaces for applications of all sizes.

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