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The only difference is that the camera in the Micromax phone is at the centre of the rear panel.

i Drop further goes to say that the i Phone 8 will also come in a similar design as the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The i Phone 7 and i Phone 7 Plus both have cameras with optical image stabilisation and wide-open f/1.8 apertures, both of which help in low light.

Among the photos that made the cut for the campaign, two were from British photographers.

And forget about cameraphones: Android, Nokia, Black Berry and Windows phones all make you look less attractive, with Motorola phones at the absolute bottom of the list.

Similarly, the type of camera you wield makes a big difference.

making them the lowest-cost form of videotelephony.

Since they were taken at night, the emphasis was on the low-light capabilities of the latest i Phone.By age 30, the average male i Phone user has had about 10 partners while female i Phone users have had 12.By contrast, Black Berry users hover around 8 partners and Android users have a mere 6.They have also become a source of security and privacy issues, as some built-in webcams can be remotely activated by spyware.The most popular use of webcams is the establishment of video links, permitting computers to act as videophones or videoconference stations.

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