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The important point is the food must be picked up daily.

Restaurant runners need to coordinate with Sorter and Packer position for dropping off food. Redistribution Runner: Requirements—car for transporting food Pick of food from Kelowna side and taking to a central pick point on the Westside.

It helps you determine root causes of your unclaimed property problems and find customized solutions to ensure you are not under- or over-escheating.

For any inquiries please contact the Service Support Contact Centre: 1-800-262-6524 or SSContact Centre.

This usually happens sometime between 12-18 months from the date of the check.

Stale dating a check does create any GL entries and is reversible.

This topic demonstrates how to process escheated payments.

Occasionally, an organization issues a check to a vendor, but the vendor does not deposit it. Whatever the reason, the check becomes stale-dated.


Here is a list of our needs: Upright freezers—these are the most desired for our schools.