Trivia dating melbourne

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Trivia dating melbourne

I went to the midweek speed dating that they had last Wednesday.

I've been to other companies before and in my honest opinion this company is so much better & more professional.

FIND YOUR NEAREST PUB SHOW IN VIC | NSW | QLD | SA | WA | TAS Why are we so popular?

Because we don't just throw you some slapdash weekly Q&A, cash your cheque, and then hang out poolside cracking beers delivered by bikini-clad model wannabes with unspellable first names and questionable residency status.

Each program features four contestants who are selected from the live audience, and two musical celebrities, who perform a cover song together at the end of the episode.

The Roc Kwiz Orchestra - seasoned musicians Mark Ferrie, Peter Luscombe and James Black - provide musical clues and back the guests' performance.

The show is a long way from the gloss of Australian Idol - there is no recording contract dangling at the end of the carrot, just a CD and 15 minutes of fame - and that's the intention.

After all, we've been successfully running pub trivia all over Australia for a decade now.

The Fitzroy Beer Garden (VIC), The Oxford Tavern (NSW), The Rosemount (WA), The Leicester (SA), and The Fox (QLD) represent just a fraction of the vast spectrum of venues currently running Quiz Meisters trivia nationwide.

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The foolery is where come in, by serving you up a jam-packed quiz full of cross generational questions, our trademark whacky character-driven onscreen and interactive games, and last but not least the best trivia host that money can buy - handpicked from our team of brilliant emcees who have all been carefully auditioned and trained by us in the specialised area of corporate trivia.

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