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Use next link service.mattel.com/us/technicalproductdetail.aspx? prodno=L7288&siteid=27&catid=451Install version 4.8Works fine for Windows XP (32 bit) and Windows 7 (32 bit)exept for Paradise Green portal (not included)If you want the game back, sign and share the petition :

Well it's been about 4 years since I last played U.b funkeys my sister wanted to play it again so she bought a new funkeys disc and the funkey which you plug into make funkeys work I tried installing it but it said your u.b funkey is not connected or please wait while I check if your u.b funkey is connected.If someone were to come up to those of us deep underground in the testing lab here at gadgetshop HQ and invite us to get funky, we may well have to take a while to consider our decision.But when the offer comes attached to these delightful little PC-connectable collectibles, the decision pretty much makes itself.I can tell because it won't let us access our Unique Funkey Name. I called the Mattel customer service line a couple days ago and they said the server is working, so it must be on our end. Twinx, Scratch, Xener, Lotus, Deuce, Glub, Sprout, Bones, Boggle, Fallout, Stitch, Sol, Flurry, Webley, Nibble, Snake Oiler, Speed Racer, Chimchim, Cannonball Taylor, Vlurp, Ptep, Vroom, Sprocket, Lucky R: Vroom, Tiki, Wasabi, Waggs, Drift, Snipe VR: Trixie, Racer X, Tank, Dyer I've been having the same problem. Yes the site is completely gone and they are no longer supporting the website.Last Tuesday, the 11th, it was working just fine, but since then it hasn't been. I haven't been able to get through to their support line because of the holiday weekend. You can still download the 4.8 software for now and I'm currently getting the 5.0 update.

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Mattel is no longer supporting the UB Funkey's web site, have some of the same information that was on their site written in my blog if you are looking for more information.