Updating sirius s50 audio navigation

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Updating sirius s50 audio navigation

I was becoming increasing frustrated by the poor reception / coverage I am received on my Sirius Satellite radio S50 until I upgraded my software. As a huge Howard Stern fan if you miss a few seconds you might miss the entire punch line of a joke and its annoying.

Unlike cell phone signals where the signal drops and you call is gone.

This coverage map does not reflect the terrestrial repeater coverage - the signal around most major metropolitan regions in the is much stronger due to the repeater network. A repeater's signal coverage appears to be stronger than the standard satellite signal with approximately a 20 mile radius.

The selection between picking up the terrestrial or satellite signal is automatic, and the radio will pick up whichever is significantly stronger.

Included with the kit is a directional fm modulator antenna option, antenna, power cord, universal vehicle dock, and even a "Mongo" decal for the window of your car.

I didn't see any of the screens indicating it was in the "Format Nand Mode." I did have to format the unit using Windows to even get it the Data Creation screen. So 1 month after the warrenty expires the unit breaks... My only hope is my wife bought the extended warrenty.. I had to wait a little longer for things to work on my S-50, but that's probably just do to my slow computer. I had to wait a little longer for things to work on my S-50, but that's probably just do to my slow computer. I guess the question is what problem are you trying to solve?Welcome to the Sirius Backstage Archive brought to you by Digital Radio Central.This site is offered as a convenience to our users and the internet at large.While some may think that the Sportster 5 is merely a color screen version of the Sportster 4, they would be mistaken with that assumption.The full color display adds a vibrant flavor to the interior of your car, and beyond that, the background colors are adjustable to fully match your interior dashboard lighting scheme (check out TSS Radios video demonstration of the color change feature). The Sportster 5 with vehicle kit allows fast and easy installation via a suction cup, or vent mount.

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Satellite radio just cuts in and out when you start entering an area where there is a poor view of the sky or you are on the edge of the terrestrial repeater network.

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