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Yes, people, I have gone over to the dark ads-side.but it’s not like ill flood it with pop-ups and pop-unders and gawdy shits, and you don’t have to click on them if you don’t wanna. (Source: Mainichi) Last Friends has the Thursday night slot, and yesterday’s episode scored a viewer’s rating of 20.7%, and is the first time the series has crossed the 20% mark since its start in April.In here, I am taking a selfie with Girls’ Generation’s “Run Devil Run,” EXO’s “LOTTO,” BTS’ “WINGS,” and Twice’s “TWICECoaster: LANE 1.” [Image by War Omega – Author/Writer (Only known as Jan Omega at the Inquisitr)] Anyways, my fandom in Hallyu has become a blessing as I am able to write about K-pop and K-dramas to millions of people around the world, keeping them up to date with the latest news pertaining to them.I have also built many professional relationships through my endeavors mostly being both a fan and a journalist for it.

On the plus side, Ku Hye Sun was less annoying than she was in “Boys Over Flowers”.I subtitle and segment at Viki, a video-on-demand streaming site known for their Asian dramas. I paint portraits of Hallyu idols and often become friends, support, and/or network with other fellow artists who are Hallyu fans like Mim Kay and Drawholic.I moderate numerous Hallyu fan clubs specifically those for Girls’ Generation and K-dramas. Along with writing about Hallyu, I incorporate my passion into a lot of other endeavors including my artist career.) but even then, it’s strange that I saw them in Chinese papers and so far not in the Japanese ones.HAHA ^_^ (Source: Mainichi) *a little aside* Looking at Oguri Shun’s photos nowadays, I get the feeling that he’s deliberately uglifying himself so as to discourage the fangirl-craziness that is positively raging in Japan now… More Ojisan pictures: Quite embarrassing when you’re a star displaced from your kingdom, and having to pose for the photographer whilst other people are giving you sideglances etc?? Shun looks like he doesn’t give a damn, and he probably really doesn’t. Continue reading ‘Oguri Shun gets overwhelmed by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas’ HAHAHA don’t you think? ^_^ But even in her other photos there is SOME resemblance you think you think?

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